• How can I collect Parcel without presenting an ID papers.

    You can bring along a surety who has valid ID...

  • Can I be sender and receiver?

    Yes depending on context...you location change with time

  • How do I calculate the shipping price for my package?

    How to calculate the volumetric weight for road freight

    The volume weight is what we charge you for, if the parcel is too big, but yet not too heavy. What does this mean? For example, feathers do not actually weigh a lot, but it may take a bigger portion of the vehicle; therefore, you will be charged for that space, and not the actual weight. To compute the volume and chargeable weight, do the following:

    ·      Measure the parcel;

    Now, here is an example of how to calculate the volumetric weight for road freight:

    When computing the road freight volumetric weight, you can either calculate the volumetric weight in meters or centimeters, by multiplying length X weight X height. In most cases, you then need to divide this number by 5000. For this example, we use centimeters.

    Length x width x height = 50 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm = 100000/5000 = 20 kg

    Why divided by 5000 to get volumetric weight?

    The most common volumetric weight constant is 5000 m3/kg. Our volumetric weight constant is defined according to the type of freight (air, road, sea). At the end of the day, you will be calculating if your package is dense enough to be charged according to its gross weight or if its volumetric weight will apply instead.

    What is the chargeable weight and how to compute it?

    After computing the volumetric or dimensional weight of your parcel, you only need to find out which value is higher: the gross weight or the volumetric weight. The final price for your shipment will always take into consideration the higher weight out of the two.

    Is the volumetric weight the same as chargeable weight?

    No. For big loads, the chargeable weight is automatically the volumetric weight. However, this information is not accurate since some parcels might have a higher density and value more than their volumetric weight. In this case, the chargeable weight will be the gross weight of the box.


  • What Service to use

    Xbc Standard

  • How to ship multiple packages to the same address?

    If you use Xbc Express’s platform to order multiple parcel delivery, you can either place one order and indicate the number of packages or choose consolidation shipping as a cost-effective alternative. If you use standard shipping mode, each of your packages will have a separate label and tracking number.

  • How to ship multiple packages to different addresses with Xbc Express?

    In such cases, you need to place different orders. When shipping multiple packages to different addresses, the number of orders must correspond to the number of destination points.  

    If you have 7 different parcels to send to 7 different locations, the cheapest option would be to place 7 different orders. After your orders are confirmed, you will receive emails with a unique tracking number for each package.

  • How many shipping labels and tracking numbers will you receive?

    You will get a separate label and tracking number for each package included in your standard shipment, whether you place one or several orders. In special cases, if you book a pallet shipment, you will receive only one label and one tracking number for the order but normally we rarely accept pallet shipments.

  • Is it possible to bind parcels?

    If you are searching for a safe multiple parcel delivery solution, binding packages is not the best idea. We do not recommend doing so, because you will get only one tracking number and one label for all those concatenated items. If one of them is lost, it would be hard to track or find it later. Furthermore, tied parcels usually appear under the risk of damage. At Xbc Express, we suggest putting the smaller boxes in one bigger box instead.

  • Is it possible to send packages of different weight with Xbc Express?

    Yes. The appropriate transportation mode will depend on the parameters of your packages.